POURED LENGTHS – suspended
Sheila Ravnkilde

You are invited to view the work at Harrington Mill Studios
On Sun 2nd Dec from 11am - 3pm

“ I have been pouring acrylic paint and glazes over timber lengths suspended from struts attached to the beams.
The paint is caught in a bowl below each length, and is reused as part of the next pouring over the same length of timber.
Each length has multiple layers of poured paint.
The residual drip edges at the base of the timber are an integral part of the work.
Each length, part of one whole, is also a single within the group of 8 lengths that form this spatial installation in the project space. Viewers are invited to walk around/through the work.”
Sheila Ravnkilde 2018
Also, it will be the last chance to see a small selection of work by HMS artists. All welcome!


After 11 years Harrington Mill Studios will close its doors for the last time on 31st December. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years and especially to the lovely artists who have created work and exhibited at HMS.

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