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Through its programme of residencies, Standing Room offers curators the time and freedom to develop independent projects in a studio space, and offers artists the opportunity to experiment with the presentation of their work outside of conventional gallery settings.

Standing Room residencies support the professional development of curators and artists, providing a hub for practice-based research within an environment that encourages collaboration and peer mentoring.

The first residency 'Residual Traces', in October 2007 coincided with the launch the studios. More details...

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Standing Room is pausing until May 2009. After a successful first year, we have decided to evaluate the Space and apply for funding.

HMS would like to thank Kathryn Mason for her dedication, vision and committment in setting up the project. Her hard work has resulted in some highly original and exciting projects and events.

Secondly, HMS would also like to thank those who have participated in the residencies which have shown immense originality and risk-taking.

This space has largely operated without funding. In order to recognise the professional status and ambition of the curators/artists we believe it is necessary to fund furture residencies. We will also seek to provide more resources and promote the residencies through more efficient marketing.

Please watch this space...


'Tropical Bodies'

Sept - Oct 2008
Experimental work to be screened during the Open Studio Weekend
24th -26th October
"Xymphora’s work intersects with derided strains of modern political and social thought such as colonialism and fascism, the interest lying in both what they ‘see’ and where they can be ‘seen’ in contemporary visual culture. We produce work in video, performance, sculpture, print, text and drawing and believe our aesthetics and artistic sensibilities more telling than a weighted response to a given topic would be. We are trying to make things that are new. The proposed work concerns itself with the explorative paradigms and redemptive ethnographic tendencies of the cultures and attitudes that spawned it. In the same manner that our ongoing project Initiation Rites Anthology is both about ritual and of it, if we exploit whilst we explore then we are complicit with that contradiction." Xymphora 2008
July - August 2008 Anna Francis

Image © Anna Francis

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June 2008 Anna Roebuck

Anna Roebuck is currently undertaking a part-time MA researching creative collaborations.

Her work is concerned with the environment, recycling and reuse of materials. She is currently exploring ideas around consumerism and shopping, and challenging herself to produce community led work that engages new art audiences.

'My work crosses the boundaries of fine art, craft, design and community art and I'm interested in the value systems that surround them'. Anna Roebuck

A Standing Room residency is allowing Roebuck to revisit a project that had previously been forced to a premature end due to lack of resources and support.

The project is motivated by the use and reuse of objects and the sharing of skills and ideas. Its theme is the examination and recreation of the shopping experience. Roebuck intends to invite participants to bring unwanted objects to the space and work with her to transform them into something new.

Roebuck will coordinate public participation through a series of 1-2-1 sessions and an ongoing see webblog

April - May 2008 Amelia Beavis-Harrison

April - May 2008
Amelia Beavis-Harrison

Crumb is an exhibition and events programme designed for the Harrington Mill, Standing Room by Amelia Beavis-Harrison. The exhibition element of the programme aims to give an insight into the practices of six of Nottingham based artists taken from various groups around the city. The artists have been selected as collaborative duos, to work together towards a final exhibition point, with artists from the same studio groups working together.

The artists have been selected to work together in a some what ‘chalk and cheese’ situation with none of the pairs previously collaborating prior to the exhibition, and with individual practices varying considerably as well as each duo being at different points with in the organisation and their individual careers.

Where as the exhibitions take artists from Nottingham, the talks take four groups, projects, and organisation that are from out side of the Nottingham community, with groups varying considerably in terms of set up, aims, audience and social standing, each with an invaluable opinion, which will come across with in the talks, the talks are based around Insight, Location, Collaboration and Ambition.

Popcorn is a series film screenings curated around the BBFC’s (British Board of Film Classification) classification system with films being shown with relevance to each category. The films show no set correlation to each other and work independently as their own miniature showcases.

Crumb is producing a publication to compliment the Crumb events and exhibition programme

Exhibition and Events Programme


2.43.44 PG

DIY Film Screenings
Sat 17th May 2008

11am – 2pm

Tony Caunce, Sergio Cruz, Martin Hamblen, John Hiom, Richard O'Sullivan, Scallydandan, Ian Thorley, Andy Wood, David Yates


8th – 14th May
James E Smith & Alexander Stevenson

9th May 6.30 - 8.00pm


Sunday 11th May 3:00 - 5:30pm
Tues 13th May
3:00 - 7:00pm


©Image Smith & Stevenson
'Natter over the garden fence'
May 3rd 2008
Birmingham / Leicester / Lincolnshire / Derbyshire / Derby

Insight / Location / Collaboration / Ambition

A day long series of talks exploring organisations and their projects, with an opportunity to meet the people behind the projects

10:30am Arrive
11:00am - 12 midday Beacon Art Project, Lincolnshire
  John Plowman talking about innovative visual arts projects in rural Lincolnshire
12:00 - 1:00pm Quad, Derby
  Keith Jeffrey speaks about Derby's new visual arts and media centre due to open Summer 2008
1:00 - 2:30pm Lunch
2:30 - 3:30pm Artober/Dot. Leicester
  Sally Rose Dibben and Hamish Walker talk about an Art's festival launched in Octbober 2007 in Leicester
3:30 - 4:30pm AAS, Birmingham
  Stuart Tait and Anna Benlloch talk about the Birmingham organisation which has no fixed membership but has involved over 200 artist-participants since 2001.

A day long series of talks exploring organisations and their projects, with an opportunity to meet the people behind the projects
Spaces are limited, to book a space please email

Lunch will be provided

24 – 30th April 'Goe'
Alan Armstrong & Steven Bradle
Launch Evening

Wed 23rd April 2008
7pm – 9pm
24 – 30th April

click on image

Sat 17th May


Selection of film screening played thought the day

12am – 8pm

22nd – 28th May

Timothy Dixon & Benjamin Hargrave

Private view – 21st May 7pm

A publication is been published alongside the 'Crumb' programme to receive this publication please email –

Open evenings – 7pm – 9pm

Exhibitions open daily – by appointment only please contact

Tether January - March 2008
Curators in residence at Harrington Mill Studios ( have recently developed a mock production studio. They would like to invite artists/animators/filmmakers to make a short film.

Postproduction can continue until 30th June 2008, in time for screenings during the Summer.

During the filming process the artists in residence will become production assistants.

There will be a meeting arranged prior to filming where potential ideas and necessities will be discussed.

ALLOTMENT EXHIBITION   Dec 07 - January 31st 08

Allotments, an exhibition by open submission attracted artists from a wide area including London, Manchester, Newcastle and Essex as well as local artists. Participants each paid £10 for a 15 sq inch plot which was selected online See Standing Room

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Christopher Parkes, Artist in Residence January 2008

Christopher Parkes artist in residence November 25 - January 27


Parkes is working on a durational piece that will grow in response to the various stages of Allotments' curation, from its installation to its reconfiguration when toured to Long Eaton's town hall.

image courtesy of Christopher Parkes
Hanging Allotments - click here
January 19 - 30, 2008 Touring @Long Eaton Town Hall
Sat 26th Jan 12:00 - 2 pm 'The Art of Allotments' Talk and Presentation by Professor David Crouch, Derby University @ HMS
Friday 14 Dec 6pm - 9pm   PREVIEW 
Dec 15th - 16th 11 am - 5pm Allotment Exhibition more photos....
Jan1st - Feb 4th 2008 Christopher Parkes, Artist in Residence January 2008 Images...
Feb 4th Artquest visit and PV of 'Grassed Site' by Christopher Parkes

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